TextLight - 12V

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12V cellular alarm light with two inputs. The TextLight will send you alerts notifying you of power loss and high-water level. Equipped with a backup battery that runs for 12+ hours in the event of a power loss. Contact us for lead time.

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    What Do You Have That's Worth Monitoring?

    Electrical Control Panel

    TextLight can send instant notifications when there are any abnormalities or critical events in the electrical control panel. Respond promptly to issues, reduce risk of damage, downtime, or safety hazards.

    Air Release Valve

    Monitoring an air release valve is crucial for maintaining system safety and mitigating risks. TextLight sends real-time alerts if there are any faults. This helps prevent over-pressurizing, system leaks, or other dangerous situations. 

    Septic Tank

    Monitoring a septic tank is crucial for protecting the environment and preventing contamination. TextLight can detect leaks, overflow, or other issues that may pose a risk to groundwater, nearby bodies of water, or soil quality. 


    By having remote access to real-time monitoring capabilities via TextLight, you can optimize the management of the manhole infrastructure. Be alerted of high water levels and sewer backups, preventing further damage or risks.

    Wastewater Treatment Plant

    By monitoring the wastewater treatment plant continuously with TextLight, you can analyze alerts over time to identify patterns, anticipate maintenance needs, and implement predictive maintenance strategies.

    Pivot Irrigation

    With TextLight, you don't need to physically visit the irrigation system to check on its performance. This saves time and effort, especially if the system is located in a remote or difficult-to-access location.