TextLight Temperature Monitoring Kit

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The TextLight Temperature Monitoring Kit is a versatile solution for monitoring both high or low-temperature conditions across commercial, industrial, and private settings. 120V cellular alarm light paired with a temperature switch.

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TextLight Temperature Monitoring Kit

The TextLight Temperature Monitoring Kit emerges as a versatile solution for temperature monitoring across commercial, industrial, and private settings. Designed to address concerns related to both high and low-temperature conditions, this kit is invaluable for protecting systems from extreme heat damage, failed refrigeration equipment or burst water pipes due to freezing conditions. Easy to install and compatible with most open-air setups. It seamlessly integrates with TextLight, providing crucial temperature data and alerts to end-users.  

What is TextLight? 

TextLight goes above and beyond giving you a complete monitoring system that's carefully made to handle worries regarding high or low temperature conditions. 120V cellular alarm light with two inputs, the TextLight will send alerts to your mobile device notifying you of high or low temperature conditions. TextLight is a versatile tool, perfect for remote control panels and machinery, and acts as a backup for critical systems. Whether it's a server room's primary alarm failing due to network issues or a portable engine-driven pump, TextLight keeps you informed via cellular alerts.  

What's Included with TextLight Electrical Current Monitoring Kit? 

  • 1 TextLight Alarm Unit 
  • 1 Temperature Switch 
  • 1 6VDC Rechargeable Battery with mounting pocket 
  • 1 Bushing 
  • 1 TextLight Accessory Bag 
  • 1 User Guide 
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Features and Functionality 

Versatile Temperature Monitoring: The TextLight Temperature Monitoring Kit offers comprehensive temperature monitoring capabilities, ensuring the detection of both high and low-temperature conditions. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications, from industrial machinery, refrigeration, and residential HVAC systems. 

Easy Installation: With simple mounting options and compatibility with most open-air setups, the kit is accessible to users of all skill levels. Whether you're in a commercial facility or a private home, you can easily install the accessory and connect it to TextLight for seamless temperature monitoring. 

Non-submersible Sensor: The sensor on the accessory is designed to be mounted adjacent to mechanical systems, such as water pipes and air handlers, rather than being submerged in liquid. This design ensures accurate temperature readings without the risk of damage from immersion.  


Commercial Buildings: In commercial buildings, the kit is essential for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and preventing damage from freezing conditions. By monitoring temperatures in refrigeration systems, it ensures timely interventions to prevent food spoilage and system malfunctions. 

Residential Use: In private homes, the kit offers peace of mind by alerting homeowners to potential temperature extremes that could lead to damage or discomfort. Whether it's monitoring the temperature of a heating system during winter or ensuring that refrigeration units are functioning optimally, the kit helps maintain safe and comfortable temperatures. 

Subscription Service for Uninterrupted Connectivity 

All pumpalarm.com devices, including TextLight, require an annual subscription for cellular network connectivity. Priced at $75.00 a year, this service is essential for maintaining 24/7 monitoring capabilities. The cellular setup is straightforward and can be managed directly from your cellphone at www.pumpalarm.com/activate


The TextLight Temperature Monitoring Kit provides a user-friendly and practical solution for temperature monitoring in various settings. With its versatile features and applications, it empowers end-users to protect systems and equipment from temperature-related issues, ensuring efficient operation and peace of mind. 

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