15' Input Adapter Cable - Use Your Own Sensor

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Our reliable 15' Input Cable can be used to add your own normally open/closed unpowered, dry contact sensors.

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The PumpAlarm 4G cellular transmitter accepts only a factory supplied, small clip-in cable terminal. This cable allows connection of any normally open or closed switch device to the pumpalarm.com clip-in sensor port. 

The PumpAlarm 4G cellular device also includes programmable options for 3rd party or service organizations to advertise their company name and phone number with each alarm that is transmitted. For example, if you are a plumbing firm, and installing this product for your customer, you can add your name and phone number to each alarm alert message, so your customer knows to call you during an emergency.

What’s Included:

  • 1 – 15 ft. adapter cable
  • 1 Year Warranty

Why do we offer this accessory? 

We know our device is perfect for many applications including server rooms, alarm systems, etc. so if you have your own sensor (e.g. door switch, motion detector, alarm contact, relay contact), then you can connect this directly to the 15' Input Cable.

Use this adapter cable to connect one, or more, normally open unpowered contacts in parallel into input #1 or #2, or conversely, connect 1 or more normally closed contacts in series into input #1 or #2. In either of these configurations, the user can convert the cellular transmitter into an “alarm loop” where multiple parallel normally open contacts wired in parallel can signal a “common alarm”. For example, if normally open alarm failure contacts from 3 different pumps (pumps 1,2,3) are wired in parallel, and connected into input #1 on the PumpAlarm device, then if pump 1,2, or 3 contacts close, the user is alerted to a “common pump failure”. In this configuration, the user does not know which pump had the failure, but they do know there is a pump failure which needs to be investigated.

Accordingly, normally closed contacts can be wired in series in a similar fashion. For example, using the previous example, if normally closed failure contacts from pump 1, 2 or 3 are wired in series to either input #1 or #2, then the user is notified of a “general” pump alarm, but they would have to visit the pumps to see which one actually failed.

Our inputs can be customized to fit a range of applications. Through a simple text message, you can add a custom "input name" and adjust normally open/closed for each of our inputs. You may even set the alarm delay (1-999 seconds) to fit your specific application.

One end of the 15' Input Cable has the custom connector to plug directly into the device, and the other end has (2) open leads for connecting your custom sensor. DO NOT APPLY EXTERNAL POWER TO THESE WIRES OR PRODUCT DAMAGE WILL OCCUR, AND WARRANTY IS VOID.