Sump Pump Alarm Kit
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PumpAlarm Unit + 15 ft. Micro Float
The Sump Pump Alarm Kit will protect you against water damage. The micro float switch will alert you of a high-water level, so you have time to react.

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    Power Monitoring

    Sends messages when the power goes out and when it returns.

    Temperature Monitoring

    Monitor for both high and low temperature conditions. Adjustable upper and lower alarm levels.

    Water Level Monitoring

    Our float switch triggers when water reaches a specific point. It can be programmed to detect high or low levels. 

    Floor Water Detection

    When the digital water sensor detects 3/16" of water PumpAlarm will notify you.

    Instant Alerts

    Quick detection and reliable connection help send alerts in real-time directly to your phone.

    DIY Install

    You can install this device if you have a screwdriver and can send a text message!

    What Do You Have That's Worth Monitoring?

    white and brown concrete house near green trees during daytime


    Whether it's where you stay, vacation, rent, or manage, use our device to monitor for leaks, floods, power failure, and low temperature. 

    Sump Pits & Sump Pumps

    Pumping water from your sump basin is essential to keeping your basement dry. Prevent overflows with a text message capable PumpAlarm unit.

    green leaf plant in clear glass terrarium with lighted lamp on top

    Water Tanks

    From agriculture use to potable water retention, when you need to know high or low levels, or monitor for power failure, we have got you covered.

    Server Room

    When reliability and your reputation rely on power, you need notified when there’s an outage. Added water detection makes us a robust, but simple solution.

    white Maul type-C motorhome


    Traveling requires a mobile, yet reliable solution. Take with you to monitor power outage, low temperature, and even water leaks while on the road and at home.


    Mixing freezing temperatures with a furnace failure leads to loads of money wasted in damages. Monitor low temp, power failure, and floor water detection in your furnace room.