Micro Float Switch - 30 ft.

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The micro float switch is great for applications where you desire to know of a high water level condition in a small tank or sump pump basin, in commercial, residential, and rental applications, and there is not splashing water or vibration present. For more turbulent water applications, use our rugged dual float switch. Typical applications include sump pits, weep holes, aquariums, and bilge pump monitoring for boats. This product is identical to our other micro float, but has a longer cable for applications requiring the sensor to be mounted remote from the cellular transmitter.

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This micro float switch is designed to be used primarily in residential, commercial, rental, industrial sump pump basins to alert the property owner, or contractor, of an excessively high water level before water spills out of your basin and onto the basement floor.

What's Included:

  • 1 – Micro Float Switch with 30 ft. cord
  • 1 Year Warranty

How does the micro float protect your property?

This float protects your property by monitoring the water level in your basement sump pump basin, and if water would rise above the ordinary operating level, the float signals to the pumpalarm.com cellular transmitter to notify up to three people via text message to take action. These text messages can be sent to yourself, your relatives, a trusted neighbor, or a trusted plumber. Many people have automatic garage door openers today, so even if you’re away on vacation, an alert sent to a neighbor or plumber would allow them to enter your home through the garage door keypad, and take action on the water level to prevent a flood. Alerts, you want to know about, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where should you use the micro float switch?

Out of the box, you'll receive real-time temperature detection (both high and low thresholds) for uses such as a freeze alarm, or high temperature alarm in a server room, basement, or warehouse. Add the micro float when you also want to be alerted to a failed sump pump, failed check valve, or clogged discharge pipe. You'll also receive messages when power is lost and when it returns.

NOTE: Although the micro float is a quality float for a home sump pump application, we advise the following “good installation practices” to ensure the best, reliable, long-term operation, free of false alerts. 1) The micro float should be located in the sump pump basin away from the direct water inlet stream from the water inlet pipe to the basin. This inlet pipe can aggressively introduce water to the basin during heavy rain, so during a heavy rainstorm, locating this out of the stream of incoming water eliminates false alerts due to splashing water. 2) If you are draining a water softener directly into your sump pit, be sure to keep the micro float away from direct submersion in salty water which can cause scale, clogging, and corrosion. 3) If you are draining your hot water heater’s hot water directly into your sump basin, be sure to not submerge the micro float into very hot water which can wrap/damage the sensor plastic.

Why is PumpAlarm.com your best choice?

When power is lost to your home, many times this also means your home Wi-Fi is not working. Use the pumpalarm.com cellular alarm with the micro float when you desire critical alerts from a failed sump pump, and don’t feel comfortable relying on home Wi-Fi, which may have poor basement reception, or intermittent outages.

We trust this technology enough to engineer and manufacturer it, and we support it 100%. Receive real-time alerts before damage occurs knowing that we'll fully support the installation and use of the device. We're satisfied when you are, learn why so many trust PumpAlarm.com as the only choice for keeping your home protected from costly damage.