Cellular Sump Pump Alarm

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With Real-Time Alerts for water, temperature, power loss, and low battery. No Sensors Included. Pair with one, or more, of our sensors using the 4 available inputs. Rated for indoor use. Annual cellular service is just $49.99/year.

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Every homeowner knows the anxiety that comes with potential basement flooding. Whether it's due to heavy rain or just an old, unreliable sump pump, the threat of water damage is real and ever-present. You need PumpAlarm.com’s cellular sump pump alarm—a sump pump monitoring system. Our power interruption alarm is your reliable partner in safeguarding your home. 

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PumpAlarm.com's Cellular Sump Pump Alarm

Our cellular sump pump alarm kit is thoughtfully curated to include all the essentials for immediate setup and activation:

  • 1 Cellular Alarm Unit
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 4 Mounting Straps, 2 Hose Clamps, 3 Mount Screws & Plastic Anchors
  • 1 Quick Start Installation Guide
  • A reassuring 1 Year Warranty

Exceptional Features That Make the Difference

The cellular sump pump alarm stands out due to its comprehensive range of features:

  • Power Monitoring: This feature is vital in keeping you informed about the operational status of your sump pump, especially during power outages, which are critical times for sump pump failure. If you’re searching for the most reliable power failure alarm device, there’s truly no better choice.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Our system doesn't just monitor water levels; it also keeps track of temperature fluctuations. This is crucial in environments where extreme temperatures can lead to pipe bursts or other related issues.
  • Water Level Monitoring: The precise detection capabilities of our float switch make it an exceptional high water alarm for sump pump, alerting you to potentially problematic water levels before they become emergencies.
  • Floor Water Detection: The sensitivity of our digital water sensor to minimal water levels makes it an invaluable asset in early water leakage detection.
  • Instant Alerts: The real-time alert system ensures that you are always the first to know about any issues, allowing for immediate response.
  • DIY Installation: The simplicity of the installation process empowers you to take control of your property's safety without relying on professional installation services.

Why PumpAlarm.com’s Sump Alarms Provide Peace of Mind

Choosing PumpAlarm.com's sump pump alarms brings several advantages:

  • Flexibility and Expandability: The ability to pair the system with additional sensors makes it a versatile tool for a range of applications, enhancing its role as a sump pump alarm system.
  • Dependable Operation in All Conditions: The reliance on cellular technology ensures consistent performance, even when Wi-Fi is unavailable or unreliable.
  • Unwavering Customer Support: Our belief in our product is backed by comprehensive support, reinforcing our position as a leader in sump alarms and related technologies.

The annual subscription service for our sump pump monitoring system is a modest investment in ensuring your system's effectiveness. For only $49.99/year, this service ensures uninterrupted cellular connectivity, essential for real-time monitoring and alerts.

Committed to Your Peace of Mind

At PumpAlarm.com, our dedication goes beyond merely selling products. We're committed to providing solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of your property. Our power outage alarm is a testament to this commitment, embodying advanced technology, user-friendly design, and reliable performance. Discover more and secure your system—reach out today!

How does PumpAlarm.com protect your property?

Given the choice to fix a problem before it occurs, would you take it? By installing a Cellular Alarm, you'll receive notifications for power outage, and built-in temperature sensing. Additional accessory sensors available. Alerts, you want to know about, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Where should you use a Cellular Alarm?

    Out of the box, you'll receive real-time temperature detection (both high and low thresholds) for uses such as a freeze alarm, or high temperature alarm in a server room or warehouse. You'll also receive messages when power is lost and when it returns.

    With our additional water sensors, you may use the Cellular Alarm for water overflow detection in sump pits, drains, water pans, and under appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, and air conditioning units.

    Why is PumpAlarm.com your best choice?

    When power is lost to your home, many times this also means your home Wi-Fi is not working. Use the pumpalarm.com cellular alarm anywhere you desire critical alerts and don’t feel comfortable relying on home Wi-Fi which may have poor basement reception, or intermittent outages.

    We trust this technology enough to engineer and manufacturer it, and we support it 100%. Receive real-time alerts before damage occurs knowing that we'll fully support the installation and use of the device. We're satisfied when you are, learn why so many trust PumpAlarm.com as the only choice for keeping your home protected from costly damage.

    Simple By Design. No sensors included. Pair with one, or more, of our sensors using the 4 available inputs. The base unit will monitor one electrical outlet for power outage, plus monitor for high/low temperature. Helping avoid damage due to frozen pipes, high heat, or when systems fail due to power being out. Inputs allow expansion into water monitoring for water damage in your home or business due to overflowing sump pits, drains, water pans, and under appliances such as washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, and air conditioning units. Base unit must be located near the activity you want to monitor.

Power Monitoring

Sends messages when the power goes out and when it returns.

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor for both high and low temperature conditions. Adjustable upper and lower alarm levels.

Water Level Monitoring

Our float switch triggers when water reaches a specific point. It can be programmed to detect high or low levels. 

Floor Water Detection

When the digital water sensor detects 3/16" of water PumpAlarm will notify you.

Instant Alerts

Quick detection and reliable connection help send alerts in real-time directly to your phone.

DIY Install

You can install this device if you have a screwdriver and can send a text message!

Activation Steps


Go to pumpalarm.com/activate or click "Manage Subscription" in the navigation bar above.

Sign In

Login to your existing account or create a new account if you don't have one.

Enter Unit ID

Enter your Unit ID that comes standard. Your Unit ID can be found on a label atop of your device. For some models, your Unit ID will be found inside the cover. Contact Support if you have questions. 

Payment Plan

Select the corresponding Unit Payment Plan for either PumpAlarm or TextLight. Review your payment summary. 

Continue Setup and Use

You will receive two emails from support@pumpalarm.com within the next fifteen minutes. First email contains your transaction details. Second email contains activation details, including your unit phone number. Save your unit's phone number as a contact in your phone to reference during setup and use.