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Text message power outage, low/high temperature and water alarm, property alarm system

Height: 6.7″ | Width: 4.9″ | Depth: 1.9″ | Weight: 1.1 lbs | 4x AA Batteries (included) | Indoor Use Only

Properties have complex, and expensive, problems such as basement floods, power outages and subfreezing temperatures. Our Cellular Water Alarm works to prevent costly property damage. Gain peace of mind with text message alerts for water detection, low temperatures, and power failure.

How it Works 

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1st Generation – Simple and Reliable Water Alarm

Cellular Water Alarm

Height: 5.5″ | Width: 3.5″ | Depth: 1.38″ | Weight: 6.4 oz

Cellular Radio

CDMA2000 dual band 800/1900

Transmits SMS thru Verizon’s Network.

Dual Inputs

Monitors two inputs

Options include: water detection, float switch, low temp sensor (optional sensor), any dry contact input (custom option, not supplied).


2.9 kHz +/- 500 Hz, 100 dBA with wall power.

75 dBA (estimated) on backup batteries.

System Status Lights

Status: cellular connectivity

Battery: low battery notification (also chirps with critically low battery)

Our Sensors

Stop overflows at your sump, grinder, or septic system.

Float Switch

High or low water detection for sump pits, tanks, aquariums, etc.

Float Switch

Great for sump pumps, grinder pumps, septic systems and other heavy splash or dirty water applications. Wires can be run up to 30′ from Celluar Alarm Unit, unit must be mounted indoors.

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  • Installs without tools.
  • 15 or 30 ft. lead wire
  • Accurate digital reed switch technology.
  • Engineered specifically for use with the PumpAlarm.com Cellular Water Alarm.
Detects basement water and floods before damage occurs.

Water Detector

High sensitivity for floor applications such as drains and under appliances.

Water Detector

Great for floor drains, water heaters, under appliances and other water prone areas. Instantly detects water as low as 3/16″, or enough to create bridge between the metal contacts of the sensor.

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  • Installs without tools.
  • 15 ft. lead wire and connector attached to digital sensor.
  • Accurate digital conductivity technology.
  • Engineered specifically for use with the PumpAlarm.com Cellular Water Alarm.

Low Temp Sensor

45 deg F low temperature sensor. Perfect as a furnace failure detector.

Low Temp Sensor

With this add on sensor, our device will send text message notifications if ambient air temperature drops below 45°F. Prevent damage associated with furnace, boiler, or other heating system failure.

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  • Installs without tools.
  • 8 in. lead wire and connector attached to bimetal temp sensor.
  • +/- 3°F threshold.
  • Engineered specifically for use with the PumpAlarm.com Cellular Water Alarm.

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This is an amazing device. From ease of setup to alert functionality to product support, it’s the total package.
Brian Z., From Amazon.com
Worked 2 days after installation. Saved my basement from flooding.
Anonymous from Brighton, MI
I had lamented for the last couple of years that there was no way of knowing the status of our sump pump, while we were away from home. Battery back up units just didn’t have the capacity to keep things dry. With the PumpAlarm I can know immediately when a problem begins and initiate a response before things get out of hand.
Thomas Jennings from Camby, IN, From PumpAlarm.com

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