Top 5 Reasons to Have a Power Failure Alarm

We all love our digital devices, from the TVs and computers to tablets and smartphones, electricity powers our lives. In addition to it’s entertainment value, electrcity also powers the refrigerator, furnace, A/C, sump pump, and other common necessities.  While electrical power is run to most homes in the US, very few have power alarms. Power alarms alert you to a power failure at your property. They can either connect at your circuit breaker, or they can plug into an outlet within the property itself. When power is lost at the alarm, it sounds an audible alert to notify you.

Are you asking yourself why anyone would want a power alarm?  Keep reading as we’ve outlined 5 great reasons below.

1.  Sump Pumps
Coming home to find your basement flooded is not a pleasant experience.  When power is knocked out during a storm, it prevents your sump pump from working.  Even if you have a battery backup, it’s nice to know if it’s actually supplying power.  An instant text message notification can also help alert you when your away on business or vacation.  Prompt alerts help you call a family member, friend, neighbor, or service professional to help restore power and avert disaster.  Just 1″ of water in your basement could cost you more than $10,000.  Don’t let water damage cost you thousands, buy a Cellular Alarm!

2.  Aquariums
Your aquarium and the aquatic life contained within require electricity to survive. Power from the wall outlet is used for air pumps, powerheads, protein skimmers, automatic feeders, and the lights used to illuminate and heat the tank. Depending on how long the power outage goes unnoticed, you could be faced with a major disaster, such as loss of fish or death to the entire eco-system. A power failure alarm plugged into the same circuit as your aquarium will let you know of any outages.  Find an alarm that sends text messages as you’ll get these alerts no matter the time or place.  This makes a great system for those that travel or own remote properties.

3.  Refrigerators
You may have thousands of dollars of food stored in your fridge and freezer.  That’s ok, because you know it’s being kept cold and fresh, or do you?   If your away on a weekend trip or over night business travel then your food may be at risk if the power goes out.  It can take just a matter of hours in a tigthtly sealed refrigerator for things to start spoiling.  If you’re not home or fast asleep, how will you know if your refrigerator has power? It’s a simple remedy, get a real-time text notification from the , if your away from your home then call a friend or family member and have them start the generator for you.  If your awake, then the text message will wake you up and you can investigate the problem.  Or, if you know an electrician, they could come over and help you out as well.  The point is, don’t let a power outage spoil your food; get real-time text message alerts with the .

4.  Gas Furnaces, Electric Furnaces and Heat Pumps
Electricity powers the fan motor in your furnace. It doesn’t matter what type of furnace you have, if it circulates air, then it uses electricity.  The electrically powered fan moves hot air through your home. Once the hot air stops, temperatures inside your home or office start to drop. As temperatures drop, frozen pipes become a real concern.  Depending on the size and efficiency of your building, you could be facing a real problem in a matter of hours.

This problem has a simple solution, get a real-time text alert from the and call a friend, family member or neighbor to hook up your generator.  You could even call your preferred electrical or home services contractor to fix the problem as well.  Don’t let frozen pipes cost your thousands!

5.  Servers
If you have mission critical computer or server systems, then you know the type of havoc a power outage causes.  This is especially true if the outage goes undetected.  If your servers are plugged into a battery backup, don’t you want to know if its working?  Our power failure alarm can be plugged into your batter backup system.  By doing so, you’ll know if for some reason the battery backup fails, thus affecting your critical server equipment.

The one inherent problem with standard power alarms is their broadcast strength. Since you have to be physically close to the alarm to hear it, you may not get notified in time to actually prevent damage. That is until the arrived. sends text message alerts in real time should the power fail at it’s outlet. Always know if your systems have power, trust a Cellular Alarm.