PumpAlarm.com Unveils All New TextLight Kits! 

All new TextLight monitoring kits by PumpAlarm.com provide additional sensors for various commercial and industrial applications.

TextLight alarm beacon with additional sensors.
Sensors for each TextLight kit are pictured above from left to right (tank level monitor, water flow monitor, air pressure monitor, wastewater level monitor, electrical current monitor, temperature monitor).

The highly anticipated release of our all-new TextLight monitoring kits marks a breakthrough for commercial, industrial, and municipal pressure, temperature, flow, current, and level monitoring applications. Each kit boasts a suite of sensors designed for diverse monitoring activities, amplifying the capabilities beyond the existing 2-input end from the TextLight. With these advanced sensors, you gain unprecedented insights and control over your applications. Why buy an ordinary alarm light when there is no one there to see it? Read each kit description below to learn more what the TextLight monitoring kits have to offer:

Tank Level Monitoring

Stay ahead of your industrial fluid tank when chemicals are getting low with the TextLight Tank Level Monitoring Kit. Used for water tanks of any type, and non-caustic chemical tanks, the TextLight Tank Level Monitoring Kit includes our text messaging alarm warning light equipped with the float switch that informs you when to reorder chemicals, or to inform of a high or low clean water level application. 

Water Flow Monitoring

Monitoring water flow in factory pipes is not just a best practice; it's a necessity. The TextLight Water Flow Monitoring Kit includes a text messaging alarm warning light and a flow switch that sends real-time text message alerts to up to three mobile devices.

Air Pressure Monitoring

Monitoring the pressure output of an air compressor in an industrial setting, especially one supplying multiple machines is a critical necessity. The TextLight Air Pressure Monitoring Kit comes with a text messaging alarm warning light equipped with an air pressure monitor. The alarm sends instant text alerts to personnel and their mobile devices when the pressure falls below acceptable levels.

Wastewater Level Monitoring

Monitoring the levels in your wastewater pit is important in terms of municipal wastewater operations. The TextLight Level Monitoring Kit includes a text messaging alarm warning light and a level float switch designed to detect high water level or low-level water conditions in your lift station pit. 

Electrical Current Monitoring

Monitoring the motor current in pumps and motors of many types provide allows you to know that your critical machinery is operating properly. The TextLight Electrical Current Monitoring Kit includes a text messaging alarm warning light with a split core current sensing switch designed to eliminate the need to wire-in, decreasing set up time.

Temperature Monitoring

Whether it's preventing your pipes from freezing or ensuring your pets are comfortable while you're away, stay ahead of potential problems with the TextLight Temperature Monitoring Kit. With real-time temperature monitoring, this kit includes our text messaging alarm warning light equipped with the high and low-temperature monitor.