Receive real-time alerts when power is lost, and when it’s reestablished

Instant alert power outage monitor

Electricity powers our lives, helping keep food cold, controlling indoor air temperatures, and powering security systems.  Our device monitors for loss on the outlet in which it’s plugged and if power is lost for at least 5 sec. you’ll receive a text message alert.

 The simple to use, text messaging, power failure alarm system.
It’s like installing peace of mind…

Cellular Water Alarm

Height: 5.5″ | Width: 3.5″ | Depth: 1.38″ | Weight: 6.4 oz | Indoor Use Only

Cellular Radio

CDMA2000 dual band 800/1900

Transmits SMS thru Verizon’s Network.

Dual Inputs

Monitors two inputs

Options include: water detection, float switch, low temp sensor (optional sensor), any dry contact input (custom option, not supplied).


2.9 kHz +/- 500 Hz, 100 dBA with wall power.

75 dBA (estimated) on backup batteries.

System Status Lights

Status: cellular connectivity

Battery: low battery notification (also chirps with critically low battery)

Poweroutageicon Power Outage Monitor

If you’re away on vacation, business, or own/manage a remote property, are you protected from power failure? Pipes can freeze in as little as 24 hours under frigid conditions. 

Food starts to spoil in as little as 4 hours. Sump pumps can’t run without electricity. Imagine if power failure affected your property, how much would the freeze damage, high water, and food spoilage cost you?

Yes, it’s monitored via the outlet in which it’s plugged, so as long as there is power at the outlet our device will monitor for outages.
Yes, as soon as power is reestablished, you’ll receive a text message from your cellular alarm unit.
Our unit has a built in 5 sec. delay before a notification is sent. This was put into place so that you aren’t sent alerts for short power glitches but only outages. This delay is not adjustable.
No, only a text message is sent when a power failure is detected. Outside of the text message, the unit will notify you locally that it’s on battery power, by flashing the green status light on and off.

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What Are You Protecting?



Whether it’s where you stay, vacation, rent, or manage, use our device to monitor for leaks and floods, power failure and low temp.


Sump Pits

Pumping water from your sump basin is essential to keeping your basement dry. Prevent overflows with a text message capable sump pump alarm.



A healthy aquarium ecosystem requires power and water. Monitor critical aquarium systems with low water and power outage detection.


Water Tanks

From agricultural use to potable water retention, when you need to know high or low levels or monitor for power failure, we’ve got you covered.



From monitoring power to water detection in a bilge pump / engine room, we’ll give you timely alerts that will keep food from spoiling and your boat above water.


Server Rooms

When reliability and your reputation rely on power, you need notified when there’s an outage. Added water detection makes us a robust, but simple solution.


RV / Superbus

Traveling requires a mobile, yet reliable solution. Take with you to monitor power outage, low temps, and even water leaks while on the road and at home.


Furnace Monitor

Mixing freezing temps with a furnace failure leads to loads of wasted money in damages. Monitor low temp, power failure and water detection in your furnace room.

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This is an amazing device. From ease of setup to alert functionality to product support, it’s the total package.
Brian Z., From
Worked 2 days after installation. Saved my basement from flooding.
Anonymous from Brighton, MI
I had lamented for the last couple of years that there was no way of knowing the status of our sump pump, while we were away from home. Battery back up units just didn’t have the capacity to keep things dry. With the PumpAlarm I can know immediately when a problem begins and initiate a response before things get out of hand.
Thomas Jennings from Camby, IN, From
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