Customer Portal

You can use this page to manage your wireless notification services- Log into your existing account, update your credit card information, or renew your wireless notification service. For new users, use the new user box below, for existing users, use the “forget password” link if you don’t have your login information available. Have Questions? Give us a call at 888-454-5051 M-F, 8a-5p EST.

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Maintenance Mode. We will have planned maintenance from 9:00p to 10:00p EST on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Our Customer Portal will be inaccessible for activations and account updates. The updates will not affect any units currently activated and installed. Please contact with questions.
Technical Difficulties. A third party vendor of our’s, that we use to display content on our Customer Portal, is experiencing technical difficulties with their server.  This is producing widescale outages on websites across the globe.  Service is intermittently going in and out and we are monitoring this story to ensure we keep our website up and running to best of our abilities.  This outage does not affect any units currently activated and only affects the billing management and activation of units online.  Should you need to activate a device, please contact our technical support department at 888-454-5051 ext. 1.

Account Activation Update. We’ve updated our system, you must first create an account and enter your payment details before you can activate your first unit. Please use the form below to create an account. Or, if you’ve already created an account, please sign in.

Note: As part of the account creation process, you will need to input your billing information. You may see a pending charge on your credit card statement for $1 or less. This is done so that we can verify your card details for use in our application. This is a temporary authorization only and will not be debited from your account. You will be debited for all charges agreed to during activation process in regards to annual text message service.