Wireless flood and water detection alarm

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Water Damage Can Easily Cost Thousands to Repair!

Install a water alarm that sends text message alerts before damage occurs.

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While they claim to be cutting edge, standard water alarms are a bit behind the times when it comes to ease of use. Both autodialers and WiFi based systems make users jump through hoops. These devices must either have a phone line run or a home network setup. That’s before you even get to install the alarm.

Conversely, PumpAlarm.com makes it easy to install a real-time notification system. If you can send a text message, you can easily setup and use our Cellular Water Alarm. Stop worrying and start receiving water and power outage alarm messages from your water alarm.

Our alarm saves time and money because it doesn’t require a phone line or WiFi connection. Instead it uses the nations most trusted communication, Verizon’s robust cellular network. To get started, you’ll simply activate your device at PumpAlarm.com/activate, plug it into the nearest outlet, drop the water sensors where they should detect moisture. From there it’s a couple of message and you can start to receive notifications on up to three mobile phones.

Easy Installation

Install in minutes and the only tool that’s needed is a screwdriver. PumpAlarm.com makes it easy for anyone to install!

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Cellular Coverage

Our wireless sump pump alarm works at any location with a cellular signal; no phone line or WiFi needed.

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