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water detection alarm

Water Detection

water level monitoring

Water Level

Low temperature alarm

Low Temp

Power Outage Monitor

Power Failure

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Sump Pumps and Basements

Protect your home from flooding and other damage with high water alerts and power outage detection. No matter the day or time, your Cellular Water Alarm will be monitoring your sump pump to help prevent basement floods.

Boats and Marinas

An easy to use solution for bilge pump overflow and power failure monitoring at your boat or dock. Help prevent flooding, food spoilage and other damage with real-time text message alerts from your Cellular Water Alarm.

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Vacation Properties and Rentals

When you’re away from your property for extended periods of time but need to know if there’s a problem, our device is the perfect solution. It’s like having a full time property manager monitoring for power failure, low temperatures and water.

Aquariums and Fish Tanks

When maintaining a healthy ecosystem is essential, you need 24/7 power outage and low water monitoring. Our alarm can provide a text message alert, helping avoid a disaster.

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This is an amazing device. From ease of setup to alert functionality to product support, it’s the total package.
Brian Z., From
Worked 2 days after installation. Saved my basement from flooding.
Anonymous from Brighton, MI
I had lamented for the last couple of years that there was no way of knowing the status of our sump pump, while we were away from home. Battery back up units just didn’t have the capacity to keep things dry. With the PumpAlarm I can know immediately when a problem begins and initiate a response before things get out of hand.
Thomas Jennings from Camby, IN, From

Other great uses for our product

Water tanks

Server Rooms

Generator Monitoring

Agricultural Monitoring

Use anywhere you need to know when there’s a power loss, low temperature, or water detected.