Freeze Alarm

Text Messaging Freeze Alarm

Wouldn’t you like to know about freezing temperatures before damage occurs?

How it Works 

Helping prevent life’s complex temperature problems.

Real-time alerts to 3 mobile devices.

Text messaging water alarm system

Height: 6.7″ | Width: 4.9″ | Depth: 1.9″ | Weight: 1.1 lbs | 4x AA Batteries (included) | Indoor Use Only

Capacitive Touch Buttons

Power/Mute: Hold to power the device on/off (receive notifications when power is turned off). Tap the button to Mute current alarms.

Test: Tap to send all programmed numbers a message, letting you know your device is working.

Programmable Inputs

Each input is fully customizable. Inputs 1 and 2 are individually wired; inputs 3,4 connect internally using a 3 pin wire, for our sump pump float switch and sewage float. A splitter is available if you would like the ability to monitor individually.

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Cellular Radio

CDMA2000 dual band 800/1900 radio. Message up to 3 mobile devices. Accepts messages for easy programming / status testing.

Transmits SMS thru Verizon’s robust cellular network.


Used as a backup to cellular notifications, it’s loud close, but can’t carry through multiple floors or thick walls. 2.9 kHz +/- 500 Hz, 100 dBA with wall power.

75 dBA (estimated) on backup batteries. dBa varies by distance from unit and number of obstructions.

How it Works 

Our Cellular Water Alarm works to prevent costly property damage. Gain peace of mind with text message alerts for high/low temperatures and power failure. Additional sensors can monitor for applications such as high water or water detection.

Packed with features out of the box.

Pound for pound, the most powerful alarm on the market.

* purchase of additional sensor is necessary, see sensor options below.

Cellular vs. WiFi:

The Best Choice for Alarm Notifications?

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What do you own that's worth monitoring?

Have another application, use, or sensor idea? Please contact us.



Whether it’s where you stay, vacation, rent, or manage, use our device to monitor for leaks and floods, power failure and low temp.



From monitoring power to water detection in a bilge pump / engine room, we’ll give you timely alerts that will keep food from spoiling and your boat above water.

RV / Superbus

RV / Superbus

Traveling requires a mobile, yet reliable solution. Take with you to monitor power outage, low temps, and even water leaks while on the road and at home.

Furnace Monitor

Furnace Monitor

Mixing freezing temps with a furnace failure leads to loads of wasted money in damages. Monitor low temp, power failure and water detection in your furnace room.

The most affordable service you’ll buy.

At less than a dollar per week, can you afford not to?

Text Messaging Service

  • No land line or internet connection necessary
  • Messages up to 3 mobile devices
  • 600 total messages per year
  • No Contracts
  • Service Guarantee

It’s like installing peace of mind.

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This is an amazing device. From ease of setup to alert functionality to product support, it’s the total package.
Brian Z., From
Worked 2 days after installation. Saved my basement from flooding.
Anonymous from Brighton, MI
I had lamented for the last couple of years that there was no way of knowing the status of our sump pump, while we were away from home. Battery back up units just didn’t have the capacity to keep things dry. With the PumpAlarm I can know immediately when a problem begins and initiate a response before things get out of hand.
Thomas Jennings from Camby, IN, From
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