How deep should I hang the Float Switch in my sump pit?

The Float Switch should hang a few inches above the top of your sump pump motor. The exact height will vary depending on the size of your sump pit and the power of your sump pump motor. The generalization is that you should hang the sensors at a height that allows for ample time to […]

How do I add a phone number to my unit?

The unit can store up to three phone numbers, phone1, phone2, phone3. Programming the numbers is simple, you’ll just send a text message to the number given during activation (once you have it save it to your contacts for future use). For example, if you wanted to program 555-555-5555 as your first number you would […]

Can I add a custom name to my Alarm unit?

You will send a text message to your unit. For example if you wanted to name your unit “Jones Home”, simply text the message exactly as it appears below:

name Jones Home

Note: You can use any word or words you want in place of Jones Home, e.g. Sump Alarm, Pump Alarm, Pit Alarm, Alarm etc. Important! […]

Can I add my contractors name and phone to the Cellular Alarm?

Yes, each device allows you to configure a contractor name with associated contact information. When this information is configured, the cellular alarm appends this contact information to the end of alarm notifications (input alarms, low battery, power loss, etc.)
so you know who to call in an emergency.

For example, an input alarm will be formatted as […]

Is it hard to install the Cellular Alarm? What tools will I need?

Your Cellular Alarm will be simple to install and should take a matter of minutes. The box comes with the mounting clamps to hang the unit on your sump pump’s discharge pipe. So, the only tool you will need is a phillips head screwdriver to tighten down the clamps. If wall mounting, we also include […]