What commands can I send to the Cellular Alarm?

The unit accepts commands sent via text message. Upon receipt of commands, the unit will chirp (beep) twice and send a text message with the current settings to all phone numbers configured in the unit. If an error occurs while processing command, the
alarm will beep three times.

How do I know my device is working?

You’ll want to test your alarm unit using the following procedure:

1. Test Your Device

– Momentarily press and release the “Push to Test/Hold to Configure” button

– The alarm will send a test notification to all phone numbers that have been configured

2. Test Your Pit Sensors

– Fill a drinking glass or bowl with a little tap water

– […]

How do I turn off the alarm once I’ve received the alert?

Once you figured out the problem you can remove the sensor from the water and wipe off the sensor with a dry cloth or towel.


Flip power switch on the left side of the unit to the off position. Please, be sure to flip the switch to the “on” position when you’re done or you won’t […]

Is the Cellular Alarm water resistant?

While the water sensors are completely waterproof, the main unit IS NOT. Do not get your unit wet or submerge in water. The unit is also not built to withstand outdoor conditions. This should not be a concern the unit hangs high above your basement or crawl space floor, significantly lowering the risk of contact […]

How does the Alarm work?

Our device connects directly to your local Verizon network and uses SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging to send notifications to the users’ mobile device.

When will the unit send a message? When the unit senses an alarm situation (high water, power outage, or low temp (using the optional sensor) the user can expect to […]