How do I claim my free Digital Water Sensor offer?

A free Digital Water Sensor offer has is available to any customer who meets the following criteria:

1) Customer who owned or currently owns a 3G PumpAlarm that has purchased a 4G PumpAlarm upgrade.
2) Customer who owned or currently owns a 3G PumpAlarm that purchases a 4G PumpAlarm upgrade by May 1, 2020.

To claim your free […]

Where is my device?

Your order is a preorder. This means it will not ship right away. Because you preordered your replacement device in advance, you will receive your new 4G PumpAlarm prior to the 3G sunset.

Will I have to buy another unit when 5G rolls out?

At this time, Verizon has made no announcements about turning off 4G/LTE service prior to the year 2028. While 5G is a new technology, devices on the 4G network will continue functioning alongside the new 5G network. When the time comes for a 4G cellular sunset, we hope to have engineered a solution for our […]

Are my existing accessories compatible with the new 4G PumpAlarm?

Yes. If you have accessories you previously purchased for use with your PumpAlarm device such as a Digital Water Sensor, Dual Float Switch, Digital Float Switch, or other accessory, they will still be compatible with the new 4G PumpAlarm.

If you have a 45 degree temperature sensor, the new 4G device has a built in temperature […]

Can I get a bigger discount than 10% off a 4G PumpAlarm device?

No – 10% is the highest discount we are able to offer on our 4G PumpAlarm device at this time. We have always strived to keep our product a low-cost, affordable alarm-monitoring solution. As such, our prices were already set low before the need to invest time, money, and resources into a 4G solution became […]

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