Will I have to buy another unit when 5G rolls out?

At this time, Verizon has made no announcements about turning off 4G/LTE service prior to the year 2028. While 5G is a new technology, devices on the 4G network will continue functioning alongside the new 5G network. When the time comes for a 4G cellular sunset, we hope to have engineered a solution for our customers that does not require significant additional investment, but we can make no promises at this time. What we can promise is that we will always strive to keep our product prices and service fees low and affordable.

Consider this – If you use your 4G PumpAlarm from the end of 2019 through 2028, you are spending roughly $28 per year on a device that could save you thousands.

You may be wondering why the new PumpAlarm device is not 5G. The 5G network is very new and it will take Verizon several years to make 5G coverage available in all of the places 4G coverage is currently available.