Why do I still have to pay in full for my 3G annual cellular service if it will stop working at the end of 2019?

If you are a customer who is due to pay for your next annual cellular service subscription on your existing 3G device but are upgrading to a 4G device, you must still pay in full for the 3G service in order to continue receiving service through the end of 2019. Any amount overpaid will be prorated and reimbursed. You will then pay separately for the annual 4G cellular service. There is no effective way to apply your reimbursement from overpayment to the new cellular subscription, which is why they must be treated as separate transactions. While we understand this is inconvenient, this is the most effective way for us to help customers transition from 3G to 4G devices and service.


Joe received an email from PumpAlarm.com in April 2019 telling him it is time to renew his annual cellular service subscription on his 3G PumpAlarm device. He renewed his annual subscription, but his 3G device will only be active for 10 more months instead of 12 due to the 3G cellular sunset. His service for his 3G PumpAlarm will turn off on December 31, 2019. He will then be reimbursed for the 2 months (January 2020 and February 2020) that he had already paid for with the fee he paid in April 2019.