Should I wait to order the 4G upgrade? Or order now?

Despite the recent extension to the 3G Sunset, we have continued to encourage customers to place their orders soon and not wait until the last few months of 2020 to order. This is for several reasons:

1) PumpAlarm has no control over cellular sunsets. Verizon has extended the date by 1 year, but it is possible that the date could change again. For example, Verizon could choose to change the date for certain regions of the United States or even consolidate cellular towers to make room for increased 4G/LTE capacity. These decisions can sometimes be made quickly and leave little time for reaction. Therefore, if you want to have confidence that your device will continue working not only now, but well beyond the upcoming 3G Sunset, you should order your 4G PumpAlarm today.

2) As a small company, we have limited stock on-hand. When a large number of orders come in, especially at a time like this cellular sunset, this increases our lead times because we must order significantly more parts, then assemble, test, and ship significantly more units. Ordering your 4G PumpAlarm early will not only help us, but will help yourself ensure you receive a device prior to the 3G Sunset.