Can I add my contractors name and phone to the Cellular Alarm?

Yes, each device allows you to configure a contractor name with associated contact information. When this information is configured, the cellular alarm appends this contact information to the end of alarm notifications (input alarms, low battery, power loss, etc.)
so you know who to call in an emergency.

For example, an input alarm will be formatted as follows: 

[Unit Name] has detected a high water level for input 1 at [HH:MM AM/PM] on [MM/DD/YY]. Please contact [Contractor Name] at [Contact Info] for assistance.




contractor [name of contractor]

contractor Bob’s Plumbing

Sets the name of the contractor name, up to 20 characters long

contact [contact info of contractor]

contact (555) 666-7777

Sets the contact information for the contractor, up to 14 characters long