3G Sunset FAQs

3G Sunset Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my device?

Your order is a preorder. This means it will not ship right away. Because you preordered your replacement device in advance, you will receive your new 4G PumpAlarm prior to the 3G sunset.

How is my service transferred from one unit to the other once I receive the new one?

You can activate your new device through our customer portal found online at https://www.pumpalarm.com/activate/.

To deactivate your old 3G device, you may either call (888-454-5051) or email Tech Support (support@pumpalarm.com). Please deactivate your 3G device after you have activated your new device.

Will I have to buy another unit when 5G rolls out?

At this time, Verizon has made no announcements about turning off 4G/LTE service prior to the year 2028. While 5G is a new technology, devices on the 4G network will continue functioning alongside the new 5G network. When the time comes for a 4G cellular sunset, we hope to have engineered a solution for our customers that does not require significant additional investment, but we can make no promises at this time. What we can promise is that we will always strive to keep our product prices and service fees low and affordable.

Consider this – If you use your 4G PumpAlarm from the end of 2019 through 2028, you are spending roughly $28 per year on a device that could save you thousands.

You may be wondering why the new PumpAlarm device is not 5G. The 5G network is very new and it will take Verizon several years to make 5G coverage available in all of the places 4G coverage is currently available.

I didn’t know this was a preorder. Why are you taking my money now? Can I wait and pay later?

Any existing customer that purchases a 4G PumpAlarm using a 10% off SUNSET promo code is placing a “preorder.” In order to reserve your 4G PumpAlarm device for delivery prior to December 31, 2019, you must pay in full at the time of placing your preorder. No exceptions.

If you do not wish to pay in full at this time, you can choose to wait and purchase a 4G PumpAlarm device later. If you wait to purchase close to the sunset date, we cannot guarantee we will be able to fill your order and ship prior to 3G service shutting off. Therefore, we encourage all of our customers to place a preorder early.

Will I still be able to get 10% off if I wait to order my 4G PumpAlarm device later?

Yes. We will honor a 10% off discount to our existing customers who purchase a 4G PumpAlarm prior to December 31, 2019. However, we encourage you to make your preorder purchase early in order to assure that your device will arrive prior to December 31, 2019 as 3G devices will no longer work after this date.

Are my existing accessories compatible with the new 4G PumpAlarm?

Yes. If you have accessories you previously purchased for use with your PumpAlarm device such as a Digital Water Sensor, Dual Float Switch, Digital Float Switch, or other accessory, they will still be compatible with the new 4G PumpAlarm.

If you have a 45 degree temperature sensor, the new 4G device has a built in temperature sensor with configurable high and low alarms.

Can I get a bigger discount than 10% off a 4G PumpAlarm device?

No – 10% is the highest discount we are able to offer on our 4G PumpAlarm device at this time. We have always strived to keep our product a low-cost, affordable alarm-monitoring solution. As such, our prices were already set low before the need to invest time, money, and resources into a 4G solution became necessary with the 3G sunset. As a small, Indiana company, we simply cannot afford to deepen the discount further and still keep our doors open.

Why do I still have to pay in full for my 3G annual cellular service if it will stop working at the end of 2019?

If you are a customer who is due to pay for your next annual cellular service subscription on your existing 3G device but are upgrading to a 4G device, you must still pay in full for the 3G service in order to continue receiving service through the end of 2019. Any amount overpaid will be prorated and reimbursed. You will then pay separately for the annual 4G cellular service. There is no effective way to apply your reimbursement from overpayment to the new cellular subscription, which is why they must be treated as separate transactions. While we understand this is inconvenient, this is the most effective way for us to help customers transition from 3G to 4G devices and service.


Joe received an email from PumpAlarm.com in April 2019 telling him it is time to renew his annual cellular service subscription on his 3G PumpAlarm device. He renewed his annual subscription, but his 3G device will only be active for 10 more months instead of 12 due to the 3G cellular sunset. His service for his 3G PumpAlarm will turn off on December 31, 2019. He will then be reimbursed for the 2 months (January 2020 and February 2020) that he had already paid for with the fee he paid in April 2019. 

Can I still get the same annual cellular service fee?

The annual cellular service fee for the 4G PumpAlarm device is $49.99/year. Customers with older devices who have paid a lower rate previously will still be subject to the $49.99/year fee.

When will my 3G PumpAlarm device stop working?

A 3G cellular sunset is underway. Your 3G PumpAlarm device will stop working after December 31, 2019. You should upgrade to a 4G PumpAlarm before December 31, 2019 if you wish to continue monitoring with a PumpAlarm device.

If you have additional questions, we are happy to assist. Please contact our support team.

support@pumpalarm.com OR 888-454-5051 ext. 1